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Unique Food Tours and Experiences in Wales

About Us

We’re a couple who love our food! We take joy in buying it, eating it in pubs and restaurants and sharing our experiences on our blog.

A typical Saturday or Sunday for us starts at a farmers market or on a farm – where we can be found selecting what we want directly from producers – and leads to a local pub or restaurant that specialises in serving up great, honest food, using local produce. In more recent years, we’ve become interested in going behind the scenes to learn more about what we eat.

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What People Say About Us

I am such a fan and have been on two Adventures!  The visit to the veal farm was memorable, well organised and sociable. Carol and Mark were ideal hosts.  The meal at The Gallery was excellent. I'm looking forward to my next outing with relish!

Cy K. about Discover Ethical Rose veal Adventure