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Bacon Making and Curing with Charcutier Ltd – Autumn

Sunday, October 22nd 2017

Does your mouth water at the mere thought of bacon? If yes, this class is for you! In our Bacon Making and Curing workshop, you will learn what to look for when buying pork for curing and how to dry cure.  And who best to teach you than the BBC Food and Farming Best Producer for the UK 2016/2017, Charcutier Ltd!

Bacon. The simple of addition of a few ingredients to good pork can elevate it to another level. In this bacon curing workshop, you’ll learn how to utilise a piece of loin and belly pork to produce traditionally dry cured bacon. This isn’t the languid, floppy, wet bacon of the supermarket shelves, this is bacon like it used to be. You’ll learn to make back bacon, the staple of a good breakfast as well as a sweeter treacle cure and a regional Italian pancetta.  And who best to teach you all about heritage recipes and authentic techniques than the BBC Food and Farming Best Producer, Charcutier Ltd. They make award winning cured, cooked, smoked and air dried charcuterie, from scratch and in small batches combining their family heritage and skills acquired from travelling the globe and working with some of the finest meat professionals. 

Take home what you make on the day (approximate value £50) and enjoy a tasty lunch too! 

This class will be held in the beautiful village of Penderyn in the Brecon Beacons national park and a few feet from the distillery of Penderyn Welsh Whiskey. If you want a tour after the class, let us know and we can arrange it for you!

What's included
  • Welcome coffee and tea 
  • Hands-on workshop 
  • All materials for the class are provided
  • Lunch
  • Take home what you make on the day (approximate vale of £50.00) 
  • Recipe sheets
  • Visit to Penderyn Distillery (please contact us in advance to arrange)